Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reminder - Research Assistance for Your Students

Whether or not I met with your students in a library instruction session or designed a research guide for your class....

I look forward to working with any students in your courses - providing research assistance. Please feel free to give my name and contact information to your entire class or to individual students whom you think may benefit from an individual research appointment.

New Online Resource of Possible Interest

Library of Latin Texts (Series A & B)
full-text database of modern critical editions of Latin classical, patristic, and medieval Christian writers including the entire corpus of ancient Latin literature up to the second century A.D. The database also contains a significant amount of Neo-Latin Literature (after 1500) including decrees from modern ecumenical councils up to Vatican II and sixteenth century translations into Latin of important medieval works.

When you enter the database you are actually defaulted to using the Cross Database Searchtool.
Note: Unless you actually select a database on the main search screen (this will be obvious), the following databases will be searched : Library of Latin Texts (A & B), Monumenta Germaniae Historica, and Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature Online at the same.

Click on the "Databases:" icon to select a specific database.

Find Articles & More --> browse by title --> L --> Library of ....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Muse - No longer completely Full-Text

Just in case you haven't noticed this in one of our electronic journal collections Project Muse....

A search no longer returns just full-text articles.
In order to make sure this happens, you need to do this:
On the left side of the screen

Check the box next to "Only content I have full access to" to restrict the search to only the journals to which UVM subscribes.

This is the explanation from Project Muse
"...You can limit your search to include only the journals to which your institution subscribes. To apply this limit, check the box for 'Only Content I have Full Access to.' When this box is not checked, your search will include all MUSE journals and the search results may include articles for which your institution does not have access to the full text. In those instances, please see your librarian for assistance with obtaining the articles."

Copyright & Fair Use - Video

Navigating the minefield of copyright and fair use can be confusing. This is especially true for videos-creating, showing, posting.

In the library research guide - Film & Television Studies
I've added a sub-tab under the tab "Web Sites" --> c. Copyright & Fair Use - Video

On this new page, I've included the links provided by Tom Streeter and Deb Ellis, and added another link which may be useful - "CCUMC- Consortium of College & University Media Centers: Copyright Matters." Please let me know if you have other links you would like me to add.

Thanks to Tom and Deb for sharing.