Thursday, June 21, 2012

Libraries New Discovery Tool

The library is implementing a new Discovery Tool for the Library Catalog and electronic resources, which will reside on the Library home page. It is currently in beta-test mode (see post on the Library home page). This tool provides an additional way to search for books, films, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc. provided by the UVM Libraries. Think of it like an academic Google  - and all that implies. In the fall, on the library's home page, rather than the usual search box at the top right of the screen (linking directly to the library catalog), the search box will link to this new tool.

The Library Catalog and the databases are not going to disappear. You will continue to have access to these resources in the traditional way. This is important, because the Discovery Tool does not provide searchable access to many of the resources you frequently search for and expect to locate. For example, the Discovery Tool will locate journal articles that are found in MLA International Bibliography, but not theses, books or book chapters. 

Over the summer, when you are working on your own research or preparing for your courses, I invite you to "kick the tires" by replicating your favorite searches in this tool and comparing the search results with the ones from your frequently used databases.  Your feedback about functionality as well as content is very important (it really is!). You may use the Feedback Form or e-mail me.  I would also be happy to answer-or get an answer to-any questions you might have.

Monday, June 11, 2012

MLA Journals and Open Access

From the MLA News Blog (June 5, 2012)  

MLA Journals Adopt New Open-Access-Friendly Author Agreements
The journals of the Modern Language Association, including PMLA, Profession, and the ADE and ADFL bulletins, have adopted new open-access-friendly author agreements, which will go into use with their next full issues. The revised agreements leave copyright with the authors and explicitly permit authors to deposit in open-access repositories and post on personal or departmental Web sites the versions of their manuscripts accepted for publication. For more information on the new agreements, please contact the office of scholarly communication.

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